Friday, December 30, 2011

I saw some ants today

They were scattered in the sand.
Skittering around every which way.

There weren't many of them.
Only a dozen or so.
I don't know why they were there.

No nest was nearby, only a stick.
I picked it up.
I drew a circle in the sand, around the ants.
They didn't seem to notice.

I picked up one between my fingers.
It wiggled its legs.
I squished its abdomen.
Its fluids leaked over my fingertips.
I rubbed them in the sand.

I picked up another two.
They wriggled their legs.
I crushed them in my fist.
Only one leaked, so I tried to flick the other off my palm.
He was cut in two.
I cleaned my hands again.

The ants were all crimson and onyx.
I poked some into the sand with a stick.
I saw a rock nearby.
I ground one against it.
They all end up smeared into black sludge.

The sun was above, and the air was shimmering.
Sweat sat on my brow.
There were only a few more ants.
They hadn't seemed to notice.

Two wandered up my leg.
I swatted them off.
I squished the first into the dirt.

I lost the second.
They all look the same.

I played with some ants today.

he did too